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Title: ((Need some nootropic stack feedback))
Post by: jeremylives on July 06, 2016, 05:51:35 PM
I am looking at taking the following supplements to increased: mental clarity, focus, cognition, memory & alertness; as well as to alleviate stress & fatigue. I am brand new to NOOTROPICS and need some advice. Is this an effective and healthy blend of supplements???? Should I alter, add, take away>? IS anything conflicting?

Citicoline (CDP-Choline) - 500mg Daily.
Rhodiola Rosea - 500 mg Daily.
Vinpocetine - 30 mg Daily.
Phosphatidylserine - 300mg Daily.
Acetylcarnitine - 500mg Daily.
Fish oil 2,200mg Daily.
Magnesium 450mg daily.
Vitamin D - 5,000mg daily.
Vitamin C - 1,500mg daily.
Probiotics - 50 billion daily.
Super B-complex daily.
Huperzine A - 50mg on a cycle as needed for tests

I am a masters student who has a lot of stress and needs to be clear headed while remembering and learning a lot of new information. I also struggle with adrenal fatigue. Any advice or feedback would be greatly helpful and appreciated.
Sincerely, -Jeremy
Title: Re: ((Need some nootropic stack feedback))
Post by: newdawnherbals on July 11, 2016, 02:37:11 PM
Hey jeremylives thanks for joining the board!

Ok, first off, for a beginner it's a good thing to remember the concept of "minimum effective dosing" early on and continue to apply that throughout any supplementation regime you find, through trial and error, works for you. Remember that a lot of these things synergize each other so you will find a "less is more" effect with a lot of these compounds. Another thing to consider is to take care with the things that you use for energizing/stimulating considering the fact that you mentioned that you (like me) deal with anxiety/stress issues as well.

One thing I might ADD for sure (it's not expensive, it's safe and effective and will help adding focus AND take down stress levels) is theanine. l-theanine is a great one to add for both of those reasons. It's a focusing agent that's also anxiolytic. We just released a recent article about how well it stacks with caffeine at our blog in fact that you can see here:

Rhodiola is a GREAT idea by the way, as far as adding strength, endurance, stimulation WHILE combatting anxiety. That's the benchmark of a good adaptogen in fact, and another adaptogen you might want to add to your regimen along these lines is ashwagandha (known as Indian ginseng, it's an incredibly popular Ayurvedic herbal panacea with many similar properties to Rhodiola which is also often compared to ginseng).

The fish oil, phosphatidylserine and other vitamins and minerals are a good idea. Have you tried citicoline by the way? I prefer Alpha GPC myself. I can take citicoline occasionally but taking it too much or too often gets me a little jittery. In addition to being a choline precursor it's also a dopamine precursor.

As far as adrenal fatigue goes, you may want to look into some other adaptogens like maca for instance, they are great general stress and energy tonics but also endocrinal/hormonal balancers for men and women.

I would start out, by the way with closer to 200-300mg of the citicoline if you experience occasional stress like I do until you see how it hits you. Another thing, Huperzine is a cholinergic but works in the OPPOSITE manner (acts on acetylcholinesterase causing acetylchoine to stay in synapse longer rather than creating more acetylcholine like the racetams) so I wouldn't take huperzine at the same time as a traditional racetam supplement either.

Hope that helps and can't wait to hear how these work for you. Once again, try working with just the nutritional support supplements (vitamins, minerals, fish oil) and then introduce others in one by one and pay attention to how they affect you so if you have any issues you can work backwards and see what's working and what may cause issues.