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New to the Community
« on: February 02, 2016, 11:57:37 AM »

I am pretty green to the nootropic community (except for 1 bottle of Lumonol I'm not happy with) and would LOVE some insight, advice and general information.  I have 2 undergraduate degrees, an MBA and a Six Sigma certification.  I say that only to say that in the past I have been exceptional successful in the business world in part because of my education, but in larger part as my cognition, intelligence, etc. has set me apart in the workplace and has made me very marketable and sought out.  However, as I entered my late 40's and now my early 50's, I have noticed a considerable drop in my cognitive abilities.  Specifically my memory recall is slow, I am MUCH slower at doing higher mathematical computations in my head, my transfer from short term to long term has diminished, my sleep has eroded and my focus just isn't the same.

As I am a researcher at heart, I have researched this topic pretty thoroughly, only to determine that I'm not a chemist or doctor and have gotten in WAY over my head.  I am considering stacking noopept with pramiracetam, but am unsure if this is a good stack or a detrimental one.  Goals are as follows and any input is greatly appreciated, especially from those that have tried varies stacks and what the success rate is.

1.  Increased cognitive ability
2.  Increased focus
3.  The ability for my brain to work quicker and smoother again (IE mathematical computations).
4.  More sound sleep
5.  Increased ability for access to memory store.

Thanks again!


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Re: New to the Community
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2016, 03:13:30 PM »
Hey there Perry,

Thanks for joining us at the forum here. First off, in regards to Lumonol, I'll say I'm generally not a fan of branded, so-called "nootropic formulas." Especially if you're a beginner it's usually best to begin with something simple like a caffeine and theanine combo or piracetam (or aniracetam or oxiracetam, one of the three primary original racetam nootropics) with some choline. I personally find that Alpha GPC is a great choline source with some nootropic properties of it's own and it also potentiates racetams activity.

An important thing is to begin with one supplement and start small working your way up to your minimum effective dose. Remember nothing is "the real life Limitless pill" as I saw mentioned on the Lumonol site. Often these nootropics, much like vitamins, take some time of being used to have the metabolites build up and get full effect.

Looking for increased focus and cognitive ability, either the theanine/caffeine combo or a racetam (piracetam, aniracetam or oxiracetam are my recommendation for beginners) and some choline source (the cheaper forms like choline bitartate or choline citrate are fine but have no nootropic effect on their own).

Theanine is known to be slightly sedative but increases focus which is why it's often combined with caffeine (either caffeine anhydrous or take some with coffee). We actually have l-theanine capsules at Peak Nootropics that are convenient to use, pre-measured etc.

The racetams increase acetylcholine production over time. Acetylcholine is involved in memory and movement and some people notice some improvement in WM (working memory) as well. Most of the time it's recommended to start with piracetam and a choline source and then maybe test out aniracetam or oxiracetam to see which you respond most favorably too.

Considering you work with computers another thing you might consider is cognitive tracking and the use of softwares and platforms like Quantified Mind and dual n-back which have also been shown to increase WM and IQ in some cases.

Hope this helps. Any other questions just ask!